Florentine Politics

by Winter Fowkes, June 2014

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The specifics of the Italian War impacted greatly the opinion of Machiavelli when he was writing The Prince. There are a range of specific aspects of his style of governing which still exist in the politics. Machiavelli’s work is devoted to description of various ways to find solutions to the most urgent problems which can be faced by the governed due to various social, economic, geographical and moral conditions.

According to the opinion of Machiavelli, each one of them influences the process of government dramatically and they can change the whole mode of government. The controversies are very difficult to be overcome by people and for them it is very difficult to understand the way the government should be performed, why wars sometimes are needed and how to conduct them.

The issue of war is urgent nowadays as well. According to Machiavelli, a prince should not deal with other objects, he should not do anything else, but all his activity should be devoted to the war, development of discipline, and promotion of the institutions which might help to win the war.

The issue of war is defined to be a very important one. It is of such great importance that it should be taken care about not by those who were born princes, but by other people as well. Machiavelli emphasizes the necessity to be prepared to conduct the war, while other aspects of the government are not so important.

This issue can be met in modern government strategy as well, despite the fact that most countries are peaceful, they are prepared to a war one way or another – some possess arms, some are protected by organizations such as NATO. Despite the fact that the goal of such policy is protection of the citizens, it can be also viewed as preparedness to the war (Machiavelli, 1515).


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