Educational Standards

by Winter Fowkes, April 2015

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Educational StandardsNameProfessorCourseDateThe assessment of global educational curriculums has been going on for numerous years. This aspect owes to the growing curiosity among the population, and these assessments try to answer several questions; is the time and resources spent on education achieving its desired effects? What are the weak areas that should be remedied in order to give an all-accomplished graduate? Is there an indication supporting the statistic that the students have proficient knowledge? How to improve the educational standards? Assessment sheds light on all this questions and many more that arise (Martin, 2007).Successful assessment should be carried out in an organized manner and with plans focused on the objectives of achievement. There are three certified levels of assessment planning, which are institution, division, and departmental planning. All these aspects aim at achieving what can be done to improve the education curriculum. In order to have a proper assessment plan they need to know the basic outline, which is the timeline for administration, the purpose of the assessment, framework for using the assessment information and methods to be used in assessing.A quality curriculum should have several qualities that distinguish it from other inferior curriculums. The ability to be consistent with the institution’s mission sets aside the clear outcomes and intentions of achievement. A quality curriculum will have an integrated assessment that enables it to know whether its objectives are attainable; if the assessment points out any shortcomings in the system the curriculum may have the ability to adjust and be made more effective. The best approach facilitates continuous program improvement by asking the right questions to give a deeper insight on how to improve the program for both faculty and students (Martin, 2007).The curriculum has stimulated contentious global debates in encompassing numerous states and countries with fears of nurturing unready students to cope with life. A complete curriculum educates a student so well that they can work in any part of the world. It is; therefore, correct to say that all curriculums are not at their best since the students who graduate from institutions of higher learning lack exposure to challenges. The fact that most countries have their own curriculums suited according to their own economic needs clearly elaborates the weakness of the program. In India, for example, most institutions provide engineering and medicine since these are well paying jobs but not for the enlightenment of the students (Richard, 2011).In a recent review on the Australian curriculum, the report shows that even though it prioritizes English, mathematics and Science, not all disciplines lie under these categories in the global market and even in the world around us. History is an unbiased and as valuable as any of the other subjects and should not be downplayed by the program. The curriculum lenders the students useless when coming up with any lofty ideas and they all become dependent on the already existent ones (Taylor, 2006).In my opinion, therefore, most curriculums are weak and are causing failure of inventions and creativity. The program is …

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