Drug use should not be decriminalized

by Eulah Durham, June 2014

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Drug abuse is one of the most burning issues in the USA. Indeed, the problem is so complex that it has two opposite solutions proposed on the governmental level. The first one is to go on the “drugs war”, while the other stands for drug legalization. The latter appears to be unacceptable and ridiculous to Ron M. Leweberg:…Drug legalization is a suicide. We refuse to hold people morally and financially culpable for their actions, yet drugs should be readily available. That's like giving alcohol and car keys to a rebellious 13 year old... Drug legalization is a mockery of liberty no less than socialism is to equality (Baxtrom, 139).Indisputably, decriminalization of drugs willmake this burning issue completely uncontrolled. Drugs accessibility will have negative effect not only on a particular group of people, but on the society as well. Primarily, legalization of drugs would lead to the increase in the number of casual users and drug addicts. This, accordingly, would mean reduction of economic productivity and rise in drug-connected crimes rate. To cap it all, drug legalization would deteriorate people’s health and ultimately cause a suicide of the nation.The primary reason against drug legalization is that accessibility of drugs would lead to the increase in users with subsequent increase in addiction.Alaska’s experience of 1970s when marijuana was legalized is a clear evidence of correlation between drug accessibility and the number of drug users. Thus, if drugs were easy to buy, more people would be tempted to try shooting up a dose. Many of them would not stop after the first try and would go on taking larger dosages to achieve euphoria. In the end, up to 75 per cent of them would become addicted (Jonnes). Then, some people who broke the habit, wouldget back to taking drugsif they were legalized. Drug legalization would primarily affect children and cause a long-lasting or even permanent damageto their health. Low prices on drugs would enable minors and teenagers afford a dose. The fact that it corresponds to reality is beyond any possible doubts. We cannot refute this fact due to it having rather straightforward basics.Even if some law regulating selling legal drugs for minors would be introduced, it would not prevent them from using drugs. This is harsh reality, and we cannot but claim it be obvious statement. So-called benign drugs, such as marijuana, are often associated with “maturity” and a stylish way of life among teenagers. It is hard to believe that these drugs can somehow raise the social status of young people; it is impossible to discuss the item of drugs being able to positively influence upon grown-ups. Nevertheless, drugs appeared to be a real tendency today making different categories of citizens completely dependent on the dose. There are many viewpoints among past drug-addicts claiming that drugs help them understand a lot of new things. It is the substance having the power to destroy deeply-rooted stereotypes and position new ones in a minute. Yet, the feeling of confidence and proud …

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