Does the American System of Justice need reform to ensure that criminals are properly punished

by China Partridge, June 2014

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Introduction – Thesis Statement:

American Criminal Justice System is at the point of collapse. What can save it is the redirection of attention from non-violent offensives to severe ones.

Body Paragraph 1.

Topic Sentence: The present state of the USA legal system leads to the fact that the cosmic amounts of money would be spent on penitentiary systems whole the criminal situation would not improve.

The USA’s population comprises 5%, whereas its population in prison reaches the number of 25 %.

Drug offenders number imprisoned in the USA have rose 1200% since 1980.

Most criminals after releasing from jail become even more dangerous than ever before.

Body Paragraph 2.

Topic Sentence: The situation inside the prisons should be controlled very carefully.

The violent criminals supervision is be much improved and new correctional programs are to be developed for them.

The correctional officers are to be well-trained and supported.

The dehumanization of the prison life is to be stopped and prevented.

Body Paragraph 3.

Topic Sentence: The legal punishment is to function properly.

Punishment as sanction consists of the following elements: 1) unpleasantness; 2) but not offence; 3) should be addressed to an offender; 4) must not be the natural sequence of events; 5)must be imposed by the authority against which the offence had been committed (1).

Rehabilitation is a serious part of a criminal’s concern.

Proper Incapacitation is one of the ways to improve punishment procedures and release prisons.

Conclusion: Redesign of punishment procedures can improve the American Criminal Justice System.

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