Division and Classification

by Perry Beahm, June 2014

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The most of us read books. This fact is truth and might be supported by diverse evidence. However, the very goal of reading is different depending on the type of the readers themselves. Readers might be addicted and accustomed. They might be the fans of an exact genre or they are just trying to spend their time. Let us have a closer look at different reading groups from the point of their reasons.

Addicted readers are omnivorous. They are constantly seeking for new books to be discovered and cannot imagine their lives without turning over pages smelling with printing-office and adventure. Sometimes there is no great difference what exactly to read as only the very process of reading matters. Actually, such people know a lot. They might tell you the stories you have never heard and describe the places you will never travel to. The only irritating thing about these people could disturb you a little: they have no time to chat with you as they need all their time to spend reading. In addition, they absorb the read words as if their entire existence is crucially dependent on the information retrieved, although all that already read stuff might seem outspent and useless. No matter how and where, such readers are ready to spend all their time reading just for the sake of the process. They are the writers’ last hope and support as they will always need for new books to be opened and read from cover to cover immediately.

Another category of readers is time killers. The enlightened world is aware of numerous ways to spend one’s life entertaining. At least, the representatives of specific industries have been long trying to persuade us in this maximum. However, not all the time we have an access to the social networks, or the video game console might be broken. Whether one waits in the queue at a dentist’s, or have nothing to watch on the TV-set, there is always a book to come to the rescue. Actually, such readers will hardly take a book that forces the audience to make challenging moral choices. Remember, they are looking for particular entertainment. That is why, pocket books inviting readers to the brilliant fantasy worlds or offering another detective puzzle is an ideal partner for a time killer. Reading as a process is just a means of spending the time having fun. It cannot become a sort of religion and might be easily exchanged into two tickets to the mould-breaking theatre performance or a new thriller with Jason Statham.

Some people read because they have become used to. These accustomed readers were taught by their parents in the childhood that reading is a great source of knowledge and fun. Actually, they could doubt that the Internet might not be regarded as a greater source of data but they have been brought up in obedience to parental wisdom. Accustomed readers are not able to feel the anxiety of absorbing …

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