Diversity at college

by Armanda Brien, June 2014

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To begin with, schools, colleges and universities have always been the places, where people with different religious convictions, world outlooks, upbringing and values came to spend a decent period of time. Such institutions are the perfect examples of the places, where clashes of interests and differences in values became the reasons for special programmes.

The way students perceive the new material and behave in groups depends on divergent atmosphere is also very important in the class, which implies that children can learn from other children, whose experiences, beliefs, and perspectives differ from theirs. “New communication techniques/strategies are being encouraged as alternative methods to the traditional classroom model” (McCroskey James C., Virginia P. Richmond, 1983). Instructors should create a positive divergent learning environment to promote active learning and high retention in learners.

Diversity in colleges also implies the great variety of teaching methods that are used in the process. Innovative teaching strategies recognize the heterogeneity of learning groups and align teaching methodologies with HYPERLINK "javascript:void(0);" diverse learning needs . Today a lot of students study languages with the help of Skype. Building a learning community in an online environment is a challenge, even when you may have the opportunity for face-to-face meetings with your learners. However, there are a lot of benefits for students, among them is the flexibility to do coursework at times that fit his or her schedule, but there are challenges as well. Technical problems, such as disruption of e-mail services and server crashes form one of the potential hazards of online classrooms. Contingency plans such as telephone communication can help mitigate for these interruptions.

Instructors should use both traditional and innovative teaching strategies to increase students’ motivation and interaction. They should create a positive divergent learning environment to promote active learning and high retention in learners. It is believed that we need social dominance to exist in our societies, because of social stratification. “For social dominance to occur there must be a hierarchy among groups” (Houser Rick, 2004). Our different interests and values bring us into one society. Social dominance theory (SDT) helps to understand hierarchies and power. Speaking about those in power, these may be our bosses, and other managers, who we may be afraid of sometimes.

In addition, “one important context for interracial interaction on campus is interracial friendship” (Milem, p. 19). Racial and religious prejudices should be eliminated in order to provide a positive and appropriate divergent environment. Institutional context should be appropriate for commitment to the issue of diversity.

In conclusion, it is important that teaching strategies foster critical-thinking and decision-making skills. Blending of divergent innovative and traditional approaches towards the issue of studying is the best option of teaching. Diversity should incorporated in the teaching process at its core. Similarities and dissimilarities should be taken into account.


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