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by Rafaela Albaugh, June 2014

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Consumer communication is an essential component of effective marketing. Consumer communication is the tool that marketers use to persuade consumers to act in a desired way, such as purchase a product (Tyagi, 2010). This communication is not only informing consumer about the new product, but is also aimed to evoke necessary emotions. Thus, Chanel No.5 advertisement is also conveying a certain message. Nevertheless, this ad has its pros and cons, because the role of celebrity in this video can be debated and that is why the whole message of this advertisement can be wrongly perceived.

To start with, Chanel No.5 ad is quite controversial. In the fragrance advertisement for women, one would expect a good looking woman, who is revealing her secret of elegance or beauty, which is her fragrance. This would be the typical scenario for many fragrances including Chanel. However, in 2012 Chanel launches its ad with Brad Pitt playing the leading role. Of course, celebrities are important to brands in luxury fashion sector, but there are certain factors, which are involved in choosing celebrity. For example, it is important to ask question of who is celebrity (Okonkwo, 2007). According to this dimension Chanel has chosen a proper artist. Brad’s role in cinematography always revolves around pretty women and his handsome appearance. In this ad Brad Pitts takes the role of men which can be attracted by women, who use Chanel perfumes. Therefore, the main point of this advertisement is to make an average women think that by using Chanel #5 she can even attract Brad Pitt.

The next point would be what kind of message does the celebrity conveys. The message is what the sender wishes to say, which may be encoded in symbols (visuals/music) (Easey, 2009). In this video Brad is philosophically talking about his journeys and points out that Chanel #5 is inevitable in his life (YouTube, 2012). In fact, his message is quite confusing and it may not appeal to women. In fact, there are women are not paying particular attention to the words, while being charmed by handsome appearance of Brad Pitt. Nevertheless, some women do care about the message, sent in the advertisement. Of course, Brad’s words are complemented with women is beautiful dressing gowns, but the overall picture is not interconnected and there is no single story line. Thus, this advertisement is hidden by the beautiful picture with no significant meaning.

All in all, there are two possible options for Chanel No.5 ad, which are complete success or ultimate failure. The main reason is that the message of this advertisement is quite controversial. Despite the fact that, the sender of the message is Brad Pitt, whose voice is heard throughout the video, the whole video does not have a clear and interconnected story line. Nevertheless, Brad is creating a certain aura for the brand and his role in this advertisement is one of the most important for the target audience.

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