Develop a letter to an organization

by Milan Varnado, June 2014

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Dear Mr. Johns,

I would like to express my gratitude for your support of engineering students. The Technology Student Association (TSA) and other relevant groups, organizations and associations give a great possibility to receive a valuable experience from the real life and to understand studied subjects better, to see each problem from the practical point of view.

I am a student enrolled in Wentworth Institute of Technology’s (Computer Networks Major) and I’ll be happy to join your association. However, I would like to receive more information, to have a “bigger picture” of the TSA’s working principles and all important opportunities you could kindly provide to me.

First of all, could you please send to me detailed instructions of my registration as a participant? I would like to know more about information I should provide, a level of my knowledge, costs and deadlines (I’d like to become a member of your organization till the end of the year).

Secondly, could you please kindly provide me with special details about bonuses I can expect: opportunities, benefits, activities and meetings? Is there a tradition of annual members’ meeting in your association, or will I contact with other participants online?

And the most important part: please, kindly provide me with some information about personal access to my area’s materials. Can I expect some help of coaches in my subject’s researches?

Please, kindly send me the mentioned information at your earliest convenience. I will be grateful for all details.

Thank you and hope for our fruitful cooperation.

Looking forward to your …

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