Descriptive essay: Varadero Cuba

by Erna Stonebraker, July 2015

600 words

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The object of study for this paper is a picture of an unknown author that depicts one of the beaches of Varadero, a resort town in Cuba. The first things catches the eye on this picture are inscriptions that say “Varadero Cuba” in big letters and “Year Round Paradise” in smaller letters. These inscriptions allow assuming that this picture was made for advertisement purposes. The main participants of this picture are four people who are depicted at the forefront of it, and therefore, draw great attention to themselves. To the right, there are two people – a man and a woman dressed in Spanish-style clothing. They are dancing and smiling to each other and the woman is holding maracas in her hands. Maracas are a native musical instrument of Latin American and Caribbean countries that also are called rumba shakers. It is hard to say whether these two people are Cubans or tourists, however, it is obvious that they enjoy their staying in Varadero. The third person of the forefront of this picture is showed only partially – there are only his hands, but they are quite enough to show that this man is playing the bongo drum. I think it was a special author’s idea to show only this man’s hands and the drum. Maybe, the author did not want people to pay special attention at his clothes or his face, because his main role here is playing the drum and this playing creates a special atmosphere and rhythm for dancing of the abovementioned two people.

On the left of the picture, there is a man. He is standing and watching the dancers. He is dressed in a light brown suit and a hat and he is holding his hands in his pockets. Another bright detail of the forefront is the macaras with a picture of the Cuban flag on. In the background, there are other people spending their time on the beach. Some of them are just lying on the beach or hiding from the sun under the beach canopies, some other people are swimming, others are playing some ball game and the rest are depicted talking or walking on the beach. The nature on this picture is represented with a sandy beach and palm trees growing all along the beach.

As it was already mentioned, it can be assumed that this picture was made as advertising or maybe, as a post card. In both cases, one of the main author’s ideas was not only to show how Varadero looks like to people who have never been there yet but also to convey a special atmosphere of this place only with this picture. All the people on this picture relax in their own ways and all these ways are supposed to show that Varadero is a place where everyone can find something just for himself. For example, the two dancing people prefer to spend their time in an active way – dancing, singing or something else, while the …

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