Describe one specific event which formed your first impression of Stony Brook

by Hassie Canela, July 2015

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And Stony Brook is constantly growing. Its community is always being developing starting from the students who are then growing to the scholars, the health professionals, the entrepreneurs and all the valued members who make up the vibrant Stony Brook community. This establishment is not only a great local and national university; it is one that is making an impact on a global scale.

I decided to check the information that have been found by me and go to the university by myself. I will never forget my tour to the Sony Brook University. I was really impressed with the campus and the nice tour guides. For that time I could not even imagine that my opinion will be higher by the end of the trip. At the campus of the university there are a lot of places you can reach. I decided to communicate with the students of the university and to find out what they think about it before I will make my own conclusions.

Students love going to the Health Sciences Center, or HSC. The library is a great place to study because it is a quiet, focused environment where they can get work done. They enjoy being surrounded by some of the brightest minds in the country while studying because it really inspires me to give the work their all. The food options are great. The Skyline Deli, the Cafeteria, and a Starbucks in the Hospital are all delicious and give the opportunity for the students to have their meals any time they are hungry.

In the Social Behavioral Science Building there are little lounges on every floor, and the students can get a lot of work done there. And not only is it quiet, but there are outlets and great bathrooms.

Of course, the place that impressed me the most is the Student Activity Center. There’s always something going on at any given time (club meetings, performances, fairs, free food, guest speakers, entertainment, etc). Especially during Campus Lifetime, the Student Activity Center is a great place to hang out in an air-conditioned building while meeting tons of new people and enjoying a nice break between classes.

The university always cares about the students and their leisure time. I remember the event that have changed my opinion about this university and have made my impressions of it better. The traditions of the university comprise such events as Strawberry Fest and Earthstock, Rec-A-Thon, Roth Regatta and many others activities. I liked Strawberry Fest and Earthstock very much. It is held every spring. The students get to display their work through posters, talks, or performances, and get recognized for their research. This is the great opportunity for the students to display their knowledge and skills. However, the best impression of the university that I have got is from the Roth Regatta. It was the first time in a while that I saw the whole school come out of their rooms or the library from the last round of …

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