Data Communication

by Abby Harnden, June 2014

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Speaking about data communication, we cannot but claim it to have a huge influence upon almost all present-day activities (related to IT) that people are involved in. There is no doubt that data communication appeared to be an integral part of the modern civilized world full of numerous electronic devices created as a result of scientific progress ( HYPERLINK "" \o "Andrew S. Tanenbaum" Tanenbaum , 2006). Yet, we have to clearly understand the mechanism of data communication in order to figure out its precise impact on the four branches that are to be discussed in our research paper.

As for data communication, it is considered to be the transmission of electronic data over some media. Concerning the media, it may be either cables or microwaves. Knowing the matter of our discussion item, let us analyze its impact on the following four issues:

technology specification of product development

Utilization of tech by business and by private individuals

development of career opportunities

impact on the scope of the business world

Discussing the impact of data technology specification of product development, we have mention that due to having the opportunity to send data with the help of computer, the product development has got a new way of its advancement. The thing is that it provides a new technology software applications meeting customer business needs in a more obvious way. It can allow such support services as consultancy, implementatiom, training and technical support. Product development was certainly influenced by data communication. What is more, this influence provided caused only positive Consequences. The quality of product development was highly raised.

Speaking about utilization of data communication by business and by private individuals, it is possible to confirm this usage to be permanent and successful. Enterprises and private individuals have entered an epoch of much easier access to collaboration between people (Cisco Systems, Inc., 2003). Data communication made the way people share their interests much simpler and quicker.

As for career opportunities, people have received a good chance to apply for a free-lance work. Furthermore, data communication also made working process between different departments of the company located not in the same city more convenient and fruitful.

Business world changed a lot when data communication became possible. Certainly, new attitudes towards leading the business took place. It is natural because data communication has widened the scope of today’s business. It changed because data communication offered another basics of the successful business.


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