Creating and Administering Formative Assessments

by Alysha Creasy, July 2015

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“Creating and Administering Formative Assessment” Creating Formative AssessmentWhen creating formative assessment, the teacher should first realise the purpose of the assessment and then set the goals they expect from the assessment. From the earlier assessment, I realized that the students had not been attentive to one of my learning goals. Some students failed to respond positively to prediction skills. The formative assessment that will be developed is going to improve this goal by putting more emphasis on the student that performed poorly. The table below is a list of formative assessment that was used in the pre-school class.Table:Assessment TypeDefinition of the AssessmentSelected responseThe student is given a set of alternatives to choose their answers.WritingInvolves writing of answersShort assembled responses This could be providing an answer by either writing or drawing a pictureAssessment through performanceInvolves performing, creating or doing an answer, rather than choosing or writing ObservationObserving the reaction of the student after every question or class periodAssessing by use of selected responses or short assembled responses, is best used after a certain point or topic is delivered to measure how well the topic was understood. A constructed response is more like a composition, and it is best after a week or a couple of the day after a certain topic or story is told. This helps the teacher know how well the student remembers what was taught. Performance can be done after or before a story has been taught. More so, performance such as singing can be done in between the period to eradicate the monotony of listening. Young children sometimes have an extremely low concentration span. Observation is meant for the teacher because the teacher needs to know if they are learning. In selected responses, multiple-choice questions or factual or forged questions are more adjustable to pre-school student. This is for all students in order to give an insight of every student. This is because these questions are asked individually and they help me divide the brighter students from the not so bright students. Extended written response to answers is also crucial for all students, because it is meant to know why a student thinks a certain answer is correct. For instance, it involves justifying a given answer or describing why an answer is correct. Constructing a response is meant for boys because their prediction skills are poor. Prediction skills involve imagination and the boys need to improve their imagination by either drawing or writing compositions of their thoughts. Consequently, performance is meant for all students. This is to make the class lively as well as realise where each student’s talents lie.Administering a Formative AssessmentAfter going through the list of my assessments, I realised that pre-school students would learn well and understand through performance assessment. This involves acting out a play, painting or drawing a picture, composing a musical or engaging in a learning experience. I realised that writing answers or choosing them was taking toil in the class, and the class was improving from creating, performing or …

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