Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

by Chassidy Franceschi, April 2015

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Corporate social responsibility can be defined as an integral concept that puts together the entire business roles to the society, environment and to the economy (Dahlsrud, 2008). This comes to existence because it is difficult to separate the business from the environment and the society in which it is set up. It involves deliberate programs crafted by firms as a way of taking care of the society in which they exists. This concept focuses beyond the company’s profits and is more concerned on the welfare of the society and the business environment. These initiatives usually go further than the legal obligations of corporate responsibility in a normal business setting. The concept of CSR depicts the execution of responsibility in business practices that are both internal within the company and external to the society. CSR is quite different from the normal charity activities undertaken by the business because it is incorporated in the firm’s expansive business plan. CSR has majorly promoted advanced digital literacy through implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) programs. This has been achieved through different ways which include; provision of basic training in ICT for the company’s employees and provision of computers and computer rooms for the communities living in the company’s vicinity. This represents a holistic approach for business whereby they are viewed as development partners in the community. This is a good gesture to the companies rather than being viewed as money oriented businesses.The history of CSR is believed to be as aged as is the history of commerce itself, the difference is that during those times the concept was not formalized by business entities as it is in the current times. The idea of CSR is still on its evolution phases and there is no clear description of what it should specifically entail. It is estimated that CSR started in the ancient times before 1900 and it is believed it was around 1700 BC. This occurred in the early Mesopotamia under the rule of King Hammurabi who came up with a policy where growers, builders and hotelkeepers were subjected to death sentences if actions in the course of their business resulted to the death or significant inconveniences to the locals. This was later known as the code of Hammurabi. Consequently, the early Rome senators protested due to the lack of businesses to make sufficient payments in taxes meant to finance the military operations. In 1622, dissatisfied investors in the Dutch East India Company had begun giving out pamphlets protesting on the issue of management mystery and self enhancement. The history of CSR is also portrayed in the African continent, for instance, in Southern Cameroon and many other regions of Africa hunters were supposed to give a portion of their catch to the traditional elder (Cuesta & Valor, 2004). In Eastern Nigeria, farmers had the duty of donating part of their annual harvest towards a famous collective event dubbed “New Yam Festival.” A related opinion is described in the holy Bible, it strongly express disapproval …

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