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by Andrea Konkol, July 2015

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Advertising is a message or communication for promoting or marketing in order to convince listeners, readers, viewers or a certain group to continue using your products or start using the products. However, when advertising women and men products there are several things that the advertisers put into consideration in order to attract the opposite sex.Sex is mostly used when advertising men’s products. Like for instance, in well-liked men’s magazine like FHM and Maxim have used sex mostly in their covers. Tremendously, when a sexy, half-naked lady shows on the cover, it surpasses a male star image, even if that man is famous. Anytime ads are sexually stimulating men are appealingly drawn to them (Benwell 80). This is because men react to sexual images. Therefore, if an ad builds a sexual condition, it will attract men. On the other hand, in women’s magazine women’s bodies and faces are used to persuade people to buy certain goods. For instance, the image of a lady or a housewife doing house chores is mostly used to market household goods.The fashion ads instituted in the Cosmo magazine (Ralph Lauren and Bebe) are very physical and sexy. In these adverts, the women are half naked some wear miniskirts. The purpose of these adverts is to send a message to women that in order to be sexy and attract men there is the need to wear the clothing type. Moreover, in men’s magazine, a model may be used to show current clothes that men should wear. The man has to be masculine. The intention of this advert is to tell women that if your man dresses the same and is masculine as the model then that man is a modern man (Benwell 67).Cologne and perfumes ads usually use male and female models to market their products. In Onyx (Cosmo) and Tag (Maxim) ads female models are all over men models. The men models are usually half-naked. The chest is usually not covered to show the man’s body and also to attract women. The main aim of the advertisers is to show men that when you use their products, women are attracted. Both magazines show women touching men. Both adverts suggest that women are used as a sex object, which is not true (Power 89). In most adverts, be it in women’s magazines or men’s magazines, it is noticeable that beautiful and handsome men are the ones in the advert. The aim of using these people is to attract attention and persuade people to buy their products. However, both male and female magazine portray women similarly. Most women who are in adverts are usually sexual, naked, tall, thin, innocent and submissive (Power 100).Although the advertising companies use this to attract the readers’ attention, the advert may send a different meaning to the reader. According to the advertising companies, there is no problem when women exploit their bodies. This may be contradictory to what the culture thinks. Some cultures trust that the body is a holy place …

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