Confucius Bk 8 Ch 7

by Gregorio Sugg, June 2014

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In the passage Confucius refutes all his knowledge, saying that although he knows a lot, there is still much more of things to learn. Confucius expresses his willingness and earnestness in teaching.


Our life is constant learning; we can`t stop learning.

While knowing a lot you cannot say you know everything or enough.

Knowledge we can obtain is limitless.

The one who teaches also needs to learn.


The passage reminds that our life consists of constant process of teaching and learning, finding out something new every day. Although Confucius knew a lot, it was clear for him that he knows nothing comparing to how much more there is to learn. Only a wise person is able to admit his/her lack of knowledge. A person who claims he/she already knows enough is mistaken.


The Master said, "Am I indeed possessed of knowledge? I am not knowing.

But if a mean person, who appears quite empty-like, ask anything of

me, I set it forth from one end to the other, and exhaust …

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