Confucius Bk 15 Chapter 5

by Rivka Saville, June 2014

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In order for one to be appreciated they must be sincere and truthful in their speech. In addition to this they must also be careful and honorable in their actions.


Truthful and sincere people are honored and appreciated

it is inevitable for one to exhibit such qualities in order to be appreciated

People should practice being honorable and careful in order to be appreciated and recognized


The passage is solely talking about appreciation of people in the society. For one to be appreciated then they have to exhibit some certain specific qualities failure to which they will neither be appreciated or recognized for that matter. It is therefore a condition that one should be sincere as well as truthful in their speech so as to be appreciated. In addition to this, they should be honorable and careful while exhibiting their behavior. Each and every individual in the society should have the good of every other person in the society at heart at all times. Good conduct is therefore without a doubt inevitable if one wants to be recognized and appreciated.

There is actually nothing wrong with the passage as it is clear and precise. The message is well delivered as one can be in a position to deduce it easily. Moreover there is no complexity in reading of the passage meaning that comprehension is very easy. The reasons presented above are justified to be good as they fully support the thesis or rather the main idea of the passage. They give evidence to what the thesis is claiming. Confucius on the other hand has to have some belief on his own speech in delivery of the intended meaning. If his speech delivers what he wants then he believes in …

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