Confucius Bk 15 Ch 38

by Phyliss Glover, June 2014

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Confucius passage argues that each person has right to get good education regardless classes he or she belongs to. Besides, Confucius insists on the equal abilities of people of different classes to studyReasons:Thus, Confucius directly notices: “In teaching there should be no distinction of classes.”( Confucius Bk 15 Ch 38)Confucius was sure that there was no difference between people when they were born. Consequently, all people have similar abilities to study.Study has a great impact on the formation of a person. Therefore, each person should have equal opportunities to learn in order to become a good member of society. The state may impact the development of their citizens and formation of moral and ethic values of people by teaching. Analysis: The passage makes us to think of the system of education that we have and compare it with Confucius’s ideas about teaching. It is really important to give all children an opportunity to develop their abilities in equal conditions regardless the classes. Unfortunately, in spite of the laws, we can observe the problems of neglect or discrimination of some students by teachers or their classmates. I fully agree with Confucius that study has a great impact on the students, since pupils spend half a day at school. Consequently, we should pay much attention to the atmosphere at school. The passage is lack of arguments and examples which could support the main idea. The author only expresses his main idea without any explanation. Therefore, readers should guess what Confucius meant. I believe it is done intentionally in order to make readers to think. Confucius has to believe in equality of human classes and people’s abilities in order to believe what he said. Besides, he has to be a great altruist and humanist in order to think so.References:Confucius. The Analects. Book 15. Chapter …

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