Confucius Bk 12 Ch 19

by Min Brust, June 2014

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The Confucius passage is about the way other people who seem to have poor principles in the society. The passage is about whether the people should be killed to leave the principled ones to enjoy the society (Andrea & Overfield, 2001). The quest in the passage is therefore to realize whether killing people is orthodox or not.


Notoriety is not peculiarity. The people with distinction love righteousness and examine the words of people. He or she is anxiously humble in his ways .

Men of notoriety assume the appearance of virtues (Andrea & Overfield, 2001). Their actions are opposed to morals and have got a character that has no doubts about the self. These are the people that are heard of in the clan.

The distinguished people are distinguished in both his country as well as in his clan.

The wickedness of others does not translate to the disregard of a good person’s deeds.

Every person is benevolent in their own way and employ crooked and ways that may not be upright.


The passage explains the differences that exist between the people the society considers principled and those who are not. The passage explains the punishment of the unprincipled, through killing in order to earn justice (Andrea & Overfield, 2001). The explanation is good as to the fact that if a person is notorious or principled, he or she will be known in the country and clan within which he or she has a foundation. The passage however lacks a variety of examples to draw from thus is somewhat not understandable. Confucius needs to believe that people are diverse in thinking so as to believe what he said in the passage. The passage is however direct to the point with the use of question and answer mode of comprehension.


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