Confronting Moral Issues

by Traci Ulibarri, June 2014

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Utilitarianism is a notion of utility which symbolizes usefulness. Utilitarianism thus is an understanding of morality in relation of what is the most beneficial and reasonable thing to do. This concept of Utilitarianism is complex to explain because it has diverse theories with various variants in religion and philosophy. This concept is understood by doctors such that they follow the teachings learnt in medical school and practice and apply the notion to what they find appropriate and beneficial to a patient.Details of the case indicate that a mother who is a dermatologist discussed details of a patient suffering from an acne problem. The patient was a smoker it forced the dermatologist to advise the patient to stop smoking in order to reduce the acne which was not the actual prescription. The dermatologist gave the patient a prescription, and further added that the acne would not clear up unless the patient stopped smocking.Smoking a cigarette is a habit people develop unintentionally; research shows that 45% of smokers commence smocking as a result of peer pressure. It is mostly through testing and a way to fit in the multitude. It is obvious that this habit leads to death and other severe conditions. On the brighter side, people can quit smoking cigarettes. The dermatologist has knowledge that cigarette smoking is the leading preventable source of death worldwide. In United Kingdom alone data indicates that cigarette smoking leads to approximately 400, 000 deaths annually. It is a fact that, at the same time the efficiency of individuals is affected since cigarettes are expensive, they cost up to $ 160 billion in a single year. Cigarette cause diseases in the body of smokers ultimately, investigations indicate that in one death caused by cigarette there are 25 people tormented from a smocking associated disease (Tivnan 2005).These diseases generate redundant expenses since an extra amount totaling to 70 billion is utilized on helping smokers affected by diseases caused by cigarettes. Smocking is a terrible habit since it harms all the crucial organs of the body; affected parts of the body include the heart and lungs. It is common knowledge that this habit leads to severe lung cancer, coronary disease of the heart and the most feared disease called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The dermatologist looks at the future of her patient who is likely to get these dreadful diseases. The diseases cause premature deaths and reports indicate that approximately 438, 000 young people die losing 5 million productive years.The shocking exposure is that roughly 20% of all the adults in Canada smoke cigarettes an indication that nearly 45 million citizens smoke cigarettes in the country. Research points out that the youthful people or the adolescence has reduced smocking gradually since the have facts on the effects of smoking. It is obvious the dermatologist did not highlight all these effects but it was right for her to give information that smoking is harmful in one way or another. The research point out that the smocking rates have reduced …

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