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by Milan Varnado, June 2014

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Childhood obesity is becoming a big problem in America and all over the world. Researchers said that the obesity epidemic is striking American children today. 7.3% of boys and 5.5% of girls are classified as extremely obese in the Southern California. The obesity epidemic provokes a lack of physical activity and bad eating habits (addiction to fast food.) Overabundance of weight leads to the serious diseases such as diabetes and heart ailments. According to the scientists` opinion, frequently a fat baby grows into a fat adult. If the obese child`s lifestyle is stable, their life expectancy is reduced by 10-20 years. They usually have 40-60 years old disease in their 20. For example, scientists believe that the obesity in adolescence may increase the risk of developing multiple sclerosis later in life.

Parents` play a big role in the kids` life. They should get rid of such idea that the more their child eats the healthier he would be. Mother should not cook a lot of candies and cookies at home. It would be better to prepare healthy food, like fruits and salads. Children should play in active games with their family and friends. It I necessary to limit the amount of watching TV time, play video games, finally, children should not play computer games more than 1 or 2 hours per day. The average American child spends about 24 hours a week watching television and playing computer games. Reducing sedentary activities help to increase physical activity (e.g. Yang W, Kelly ).

Parents` indifference could lead to childhood obesity. The results of research are: the more you are allowed to eat sweets and snacks – the more chances you will have to be overweight in future.


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