Child abuse

by Elba Borgmann, June 2014

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Child AbuseChild abuse is one of the most severe and acute social problems in different societies. Not only the fact of violence directed at those innocent and powerless is disturbing. Children that have been exposed to abuse cannot undergo the normal process of socialization; psychologically damaged members of society constitute a damaged society. There are several types of child abuse that are often combined: physical, sexual, psychological, neglect. All of them, however, have serious psychological consequences for the victims of violence and it cannot be said that some are easier accepted than the others. All of them are also practiced in different situations and by different people, but child abuse in family is especially dangerous for a number of reasons. According to the statistics, children usually know their offenders – the fear of strangers is highly exaggerated (AACAP, 2011). Family abuse is more traumatizing, it excludes possibility of receiving help from the supposedly closest people and it is highly difficult to identify.Meanwhile, identifying child abuse is the most important step towards its prevention. It demands a lot of attention to small details, as children rarely speak of violence; they may feel afraid, guilty or threatened by negative consequences if anyone finds out about the twisted situation they are in. Physical signs such as unexplained bruises and unexpectedly slow growth have to be taken into consideration. Abused children are often withdrawn and unhappy, they have low self-esteem and may suffer from self-destructive behavior (N.A., 2012). If there is even a small possibility that child is abused, appropriate steps should be taken by the respective institutions. Preventing and stopping abuse as soon as possible is important for the normal development of child. Otherwise they do not only have emotional scars for the rest of their lives, but they are also unable to behave normally with their children, continuing the vicious circle of violence. References:American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (2011). Child Sexual Abuse.Retrieved from A. (2012) Child Abuse and Neglect: Recognizing and Preventing Child Abuse. Helpguide.orgRetrieved from: …

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