Case study proposal for healthy aging

by Analisa Hardaway, July 2015

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Alice is a 70 year old female patient who has been suffering from an inflammatory bowel illness known as Crohn’s disease for 46 years. This disease mainly affects parts of the gastrointestinal tract. Crohn’s disease currently has no cure; however, Alice has been taking an immune suppression drug as a means of remission. She was prescribed by her gastroenterologist to take 50milligrams of Imuran two times a day. Alice has also been suffering from arthritis, a joint disorder, for 18 years. For her arthritis, she was prescribed to take 50mg of Tylenol every 6hrs. Alice is also suffering from a vitamin B12 deficiency, and for this disorder she takes 2000 mg of vitamin B12 supplements.

Alice does not engage in any physical activities besides her daily house chores. She maintains a low fiber diet and avoids consuming whole grain foods, fresh fruits and vegetables. She also avoids drinking milk, as it upsets her stomach due to the diet she follows.

As a patient suffering from arthritis, Alice should try to increase her daily physical activity. Studies have shown that physical activity can induce long term pain relief. In addition, engaging in physical activity will help Alice to maintain her healthy joints and improve their functioning. She can improve her lower extremity joints by taking regular walks, as she does household chores, it should help her improve her upper extremity joints function.


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