Case Management

by Dovie Spinney, July 2015

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Aging and Family Services of Mineral County is a case management agency that deals with the various programs such as provision of nutrition and basic requirements. They also deal with home based care; in addition, they offer networking services that enable residents to find resources that will cater for their needs. The agency also offers crucial referral services. The agency began operating in 1974 as Mineral County Committee on Aging; however, it diversified its services as time passed. The agency’s mission is to ensure that local families acquire the things they need to build a healthy relationship with the elderly (Aging and Family Services, Mineral County, West Virginia, 2012). The agency utilizes the three phases of cases management in implementing the policies. There are three phases of case management, which must be utilized by any management agency. The first one is assessment, which deals with the initial contact, and the collection of necessary information. Aging and Family Services of Mineral County uses various programs to assess individuals who are eligible for their services. One of the programs is community care, which offers its services to individuals who qualify for Medicaid. The individuals should be those who require the services due to disability, and a physician must approve this provision. Another program used in the assessment program is the Medicaid Waiver, which offers its services to those who are above eighteen years and require nursing home care. The department of Health and Human Resources assesses these individuals and approval is done by a case management team. The third program is the Fair Program, which assists the family members who take care of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other diseases, which affect the brain. The service is only available to people who live in Mineral County. The fourth program is the Lighthouse Program, which offers services to those above sixty years. An Aging and Family Services registered nurse assesses and approves the individuals who are eligible for the service.The second phase of case management is planning, which deals with identifying services provided by the agency. Aging and Family Services of Mineral County ensures that all individuals receive all the services they require. The agency ensures that individuals maintain personal hygiene. It also helps individuals with errands such as shopping. Individuals who qualify get assistance in planning and preparing their meals. They also get aid in walking and transportation. Individuals also get support in easy house maintenance and laundry. The third phase is implementation, which deals with how the services are implemented. Individuals under community care get assistance with personal hygiene, running errands and housekeeping. Those under Medicaid receive care according to their individual needs. The fair program offers respite care to affected people; moreover, it ensures that caregivers get ample time to rest. The Lighthouse program assists in personal care, and mobility. It also takes care of the nutrition of individuals receiving the service; in addition, it assists in running errands and ensuring cleanliness in the residential …

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