Business Letter - Ten hours work week

by Eustolia Manhart, April 2015

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To: Top ManagerFrom: the managerDate: August 30, 2012Subject: the implementation of the 10 hours working day and 4 days working weekAfter a careful consideration, I ultimately reached the conclusion that the policy of ten hours working day and as a result four days working week suits the needs of our company the most efficient way, and an old fashioned approach of five day week must be abandoned as soon as possible.The following reasons are only superficial benefits of the advocated policy. First and foremost, the company may substantially reduce operational expenses including energy costs, stationery and water consumption. Secondly, the expenses carried by the employees on work-job transfer are in their turn diminished too. Furthermore, the working staff spends more time at home with their families and the level of happiness and job satisfaction is substantially increased, according to the survey conducted by researchers from the Utah State University.However, the primary concern I am advocating is the fact that the productivity rate is skyrocketing. In conformity with the aforementioned research, the employees demonstrate better performance upon the adoption of this policy, comprehending that more time will be spent with their families.The most exemplary illustration is the state Utah, where about 70 per cent of all enterprises (including big scale plants, factories and even law firms) has shifted their policy towards this scheme. Another expository situation happened in Oklahoma, where American Fidelity Assurance Co, the giant of the industry, has adopted this policy. According to the recently published statement of the CEO, the number of transactions increased on 10 %The major negative consequence which may outwardly seem feasible, is the fact that we may not meet the demands of our customers, who may need our services on the ‘off day’. With regard to this issue, I propose to dismiss the half of the staff on Friday, while the second half on Monday.References:Guffey, Mary Ellen, and Dana Loewy. Business Communication. 7th ed. Mason: South-Western, 2011.Ben Braccio Hering The case for the 4-day workweek, retrieved from []Eve Tahmincioglu Employers rethinking five-day workweek, retrieved from []The Four-Day Workweek: Pros and Cons, retrieved from …

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