Beethoven's 5th Symphony

by Mariana Galipeau, July 2015

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Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 is the most authentic celebration of human life, the whim of destiny, and penetration of versatile music into the subtility of one’s sensations. The diversity of the composer’s brilliance made it possible for the C minor Symphony to summon the deepest associations and connotations in heart. It appeals to the most intimate feelings, memories, and aspirations.

I find it appropriate to compare Beethoven’s Symphony with the course of human life with all the twists and turns it can offer in return for one’s energy and passionate devotion. The music piece with its wild mode of proceeding reminds of the irregular and unpredictable events that take place in life. The very symphony is a getaway for music to ally into the world of emotions, releasing and setting itself free among thousands of lives and melodies to be created someday.

What is truly astonishing about the music piece is the way emotions are expressed in the most direct manner accompanied by the reinforcement of energy. Such enforcement inspires to live every moment with dignity and virtues of existence. Beethoven inserts long holding notes for creating the effect of a striking thunder. The associations are connected with the versatility of human life and unexpected events that come as a blow of fate (Grove 146). What stands out particularly is the deceptiveness of construction peculiar to the symphony. Throughout the piece, the phrases somehow repeat in intervals and rhythm but instrumental treatment is magically different and unique. Thus, one can compare such controversy to the seemingly identical lives of unique people and their destinies. Such striking association with the course of human life is summoned by one particular part in the symphony. Even though the general lines are mostly exactly repeated, there is one example of extraordinary refinement inserted by the composer. What is meant is the pathetic unbarred phrase for the oboe solo, in which Beethoven showed no hesitation. The penetration of the phrase, though sudden and unexpected, became a beautiful butterfly inspired with a new life from a cocoon of the pause. This occurs at bar twenty-one of the first section.

It is the combination of musical instruments that creates the most charming effect on the listener. A touching duet of amazing bassoons and charming clarinet is meant to bid farewell, the humor of wind instruments reminds us to enjoy the simplicity of happiness, the astonishing contrast to the brilliant and triumphant strains reminds of inconsistencies of human life. The fact that piccolo, trombones, and contra-fagotto are presented in the Finale for the first time in the symphony imposes the effect of novelty in human life. It brings the listener such an outstanding realization of unpredictability that awaits for every human being just around the corner.

The most striking difference between certain parts of the symphony, such as Allegro con brio, Andante con moto, Scherzo and Finale, is the way the expression of their meaning, the depth of …

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