Article Review: Close Encounters of the Worst Kind: How Safe are we from Killer Asteroids

by Jaunita Naylor, July 2015

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This short composition is a review of the article “Close Encounters of the Worst Kind: How Safe are we from Killer Asteroids?” The report is written by John Matson and published on February, 12th, 2009 at It discusses the importance of cataloguing and observing celestial objects that able to cause catastrophic consequences for Earth. Thus, by 2020, NASA expects to track down about 90 percent of 60,000 such objects that are supposed to have size of 140 meters to several kilometres. Then report warns that despite only the objects with size more than one kilometre represent the threat of global cataclysm, the objects with smaller size would have a lot of inauspicious consequences either.

Astronomy deals with events outside the Earth atmosphere and studies celestial objects and their motion. Astronomy is an old science, and in 20th century it has two directions, such as theoretical and observational. Since the article is about the danger, which may come from the outer space, and how predict and prevent this danger, its field has a direct connection with astronomic phenomena.

Therefore, the knowledge that has been accumulated by astronomy for now would be applied for saving our planet. Hence, the modern astronomers know how calculate the mass, speed and direction of planets, asteroids and comets, what their behaviour and, even habits. They know where and how they should look for new objects, can predict their existence, and then find them. Telescopes, satellites, orbital stations and other advanced space technology make possible detecting and studying not only known space objects but the objects that no one knows about so far, such as possible asteroid killer which can be somewhere there.


“Close Encounters of the Worst Kind: How Safe are we from Killer Asteroids?”,, February, 12th, 2009



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