Analysis of a Local Business: Amanda’s Fish and Chips Shop

by Georgiann Zuk, May 2015

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Amanda’s Fish and Chips Shop is a privately owned business that was established in winter 1954. The first owner Mr. Jonson Fabrisio and his wife Mrs. Amanda Fabrisio were among the first inhabitants of Redcar who decided to devote their life to satisfying people’s hunger in a very traditional way – through famous and extremely popular fish and chips shop’s cuisine. At that time there were only five of such shops and now there are more than fifteen of them, consequently the competition is really tough. Nevertheless today’s owner Kevin Fabrisio, grandson of the founders, makes his best to keep business status and attract new customers. It is his achievement that Amanda’s Fish and Chips Shop is considered to be in the top-five of the best shops and small restaurants of Redcar.

In order to make a broad and worthy analysis of the certain business, we should study and describe lots of elements, which are the guarantee of company’s successful existence. The overwhelming analysis of Amanda’s Fish and Chips Shop would include the following aspects: mission, target and goals of the business, legal form of organization and legal considerations, marketing mix analysis (product, place, promotion, and price), competitors observing, company’s ethics issues, technology implementation, employees’ survey, SWAT analysis and recommendation concerning shop’s further development.

Amanda’s Fish and Chips Shop is situated in a picturesque area of Redcar, it is close to a small parade of shops and several office centers, there is also a huge park area nearby. So we can claim that shop’s position is really competitive. Shopper goers, tourists, people having rest in the park as well as office workers are potential visitors of Amanda’s Fish and Chips Shop. In order to make a business analysis of the company it is reasonable to start from its mission, main target and goals. “Mission is a written HYPERLINK "" declaration of an HYPERLINK "" organization's core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time” (Source 1). The main mission of this sole proprietorship’s business is to provide their customers with the most qualitative and delicious dishes in the best English traditions of fish and chips serving. The main target of the business is the domination in the whole system of town’s food serving. Among company’s goals are the following: support of the business image, improvement of the business processes in order to obtain the highest quality, increase of customers’ amount and wining their loyalty. Amanda’s Fish and Chips Shop also proclaimed its values, which are unchangeable since the company’s establishment – almost 58 years. They are: orientation at the customer’s needs; efficiency and mobility; intellectual leadership; team spirit, cooperation and goodwill.

There are three legal forms of organization: sole proprietorship, partnerships and corporations. Amanda’s Fish and Chips Shop refers to the first category of legal forms – sole proprietorship. This type of business organizations has its own advantages and disadvantages which we can see from the table 1 below.

Table 1 – Advantages and disadvantages …

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