Air Traffic in Miami Airport

by Shaquana Strahl, June 2014

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Air traffic is a fundamental aspect for determining the efficiency of the airport. In this paper, I examine Miami International Airport.

The Miami International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the USA due to a several factors.

Passenger traffic.

In recent year, passenger traffic has highly increased. In comparison with the previous year, domestic passenger traffic jumped 8%, while international – 11%. This can be explained by the favorable geographical position of the airport. Planes of the airport fly across the board: north, south, west, east. In particular - South and North America, Europe and Asia.


Cargo traffic is also highly developed in MIA. It does handle so much international cargo that no airport in the US does. Evidently, due to its geographical position, it serves as a linking point between countries of South America and other countries of the world. A lot of popular airlines use this airport mainly for cargo transportation. It is a hub American Airlines, FedEx Express, LAN Cargo, UPS Airlines.


Despite the fact that, during the history, MIA was involved several accidents and incidents, for the last 6 years (since 2006) nothing has been fixed. Consequently, it is reliable to use this airport.


MIA is an airport of high importance not only for the USA, but also for Latin America and other countries all over the world. The air traffic increases every year. It is one of the busiest airports in the US, and its role in the transportation system seems to be obvious.

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