Air traffic in Miami Airport Essay

by Kiley Keagle, June 2014

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Miami is one of the airports, which experiences busy and regular air traffic in the world. The situation of traffic in the airport is subject to a number of factors, most of which contribute to widespread and regular congesting of traffic in the airport. There are many causes of traffic congestion or air traffic in Miami airport. Traffic congesting is a national or international disaster in many airports. This does not happen in Miami airport alone. Most of these factors range from those which are natural, to those which are man-made and due to human error. Because of this, Miami airport faces a busy and delayed arrivals and departure schedules (McCarthy et. al 89-93).

Changes in weather conditions are one of the factors affecting air traffic at Miami airport. They delay on the arrival and departure schedules. Weather effects as fall of snow, de-icing of the aircraft, and passing thunderstorms, affect on the regulated time for arrival and departure of aircrafts. In some cases, arriving aircrafts are forced to spend more time in the air due to poor landing conditions ascribed to weather. In such cases, an aircraft is forced to spend almost thirty more minutes in the air before landing. This affects on the regulated schedules for arrivals and departures. In such cases, the traffic within the airport’s airspace is congested and made complicated to the pilots and agents at the control towers.

Air traffic congestion also happens in Miami airport. All of these air traffic influences on the arrival and departure times of the aircrafts. Congestion begins at times of driving to the airport, all the way to the schedules, which have already been placed at the airport schedule service. Weather disruptions thwart on the regulated times for arrival sand departures. The air traffic controllers are forced to shift their schedules in order to provide conditions and travel times, which suit the aircrafts and their inscribed travelers. Travelers are therefore required to check at the entrance for their respective planes since they can be alerted that their aircraft has arrived yet it is still in the air.

Air traffic controllers check on the go around. Go around normally occur because of the pilot’s perceptions of the landing conditions. If the landing conditions are not safe, the pilot might choose to still be in the air. Controllers take charge of this. The pilot is normally encouraged to increase altitudes before it lands. In the mean time, the conditions are checked and moderated for safe landing. Landing will only happen when all the conditions are safe.

Travelers often fall victims of air traffic. They influence air traffic in Miami in various ways. Customer arrival at the airport is crucial to the traffic controllers. Travelers ought to arrive and take position before the aircraft arrives. Departure takes place even if all the travelers are in. With bad weather of instilled go around, travelers are not part of this. This makes Miami air traffic to assume business at all times of …

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