A Gentle Man with a Gun

by Hassie Canela, July 2015

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A Gentle Man with a Gun

Taking a gun is a very disputable question. A lot of people in America consider it to be normal to have the gun. The second amendment to the constitution also faces as both positive and negative reactions. This question is chilling on many levels, none of them concerning the actual question of gun control. First, if we, as a society, are willing to take an Amendment to the Constitution, and simply argue that “it doesn’t apply,” which part of the Constitution would be argued that it doesn’t apply? Second, if we are going to ask if an Amendment is “outdated,” are we going to ask if some other major notion of the founding fathers is “outdated,” like national sovereignty or federalism? Neither is directly referred to in the constitution, so why should we hold on to them? Aren’t they “outdated?”. Third, the Second amendment doesn’t “seem to imply” that people should have well-regulated militias: it states that militias are “necessary to the security of a free State”. That’s not circumspection on the part of the Constitution: that’s the premise for the amendment. The entire point of the Second Amendment is that it assumes that people are going to maintain their arms and protect their homes and lands from those who would oppress them. Imagine a society where police departments suddenly decided that they are going to ignore the Fourth Amendment, and search people's homes and seize their electronics on the guess they might be stolen. One of the means of citizens protecting their property from those ignoring other amendments is via their Second Amendment right to hold oppressors at bay with guns. There are those who argue that the second amendment allows for people to buy and own nuclear weapons: I don't know enough about that. I am certain that the founding fathers in their wisdom knew that a man with a gun is far more difficult to terrify than ten without any guns. The second amendment, in my estimation, is more relevant in our society now than it was in 1787: its not outdated, it’s more necessary because we have a government which is more willing to infringe upon the other amendments.

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A Gentle Man with a Gun

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