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Fundamentals of Statistics


Data which is obtained from a study should be properly applied and summarized with the help of various research methods. This study is devoted to the examination of survey data and the analysis of the results of this survey. Moreover, it centers on the importance of appropriate usage of measures for qualitative and quantitative variables. The results of analysis of qual... read more

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the Research is examining whether self-efficacy in food preparation is associated with household food insecurity.What is the Research Design?

Collaborative cross-sectional survey was conducted in Manawan. Survey participants were identified through an updated list of 307 dwellings, which the band council provided.What is the population from which the sample was drawn?The participants of this research were very different, the main points of difference were sociodemographic factors (age, marital status, education level, occupation, ... read more

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Multivariate Stats

1.According to Frequencies table, GAF variable has 9 missing values, Satisfaction has 12 and Agency has 1. Missing variables could affect calculations of statistics if treated as zero (or blank), e.g. they lower the mean value due to larger sample size. However, in case SPSS treats missing values as “system-missing”, the values are excluded from the calculation and the values are not affecte... read more

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Business Statistics

1) We use ANOVA test to check the hypothesis that mean dollar sales on all days are equal. The delivered p-value is 0.000 which means that we can reject this hypothesis at 5% significance level. Descriptive statistics and result of ANOVA test are given below:To estimate and test the pairwise difference between sales on each day we use Tuckey’s post-hoc test. We observe that there is signific... read more

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