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Television Has Destroyed Communication

The impact of television on people is so great that mass media became called “the fourth power”. This means takes the power over the souls of people away, decides how to live on the Earth and in what to believe.

People forgot to communicate and rejoice each other. The people in the world were talented and creative from the times im... read more

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Influence of Families on Children's School Success

Families play immense roles in education and academic achievement of their children. They also play an immense role in the cognitive, social and emotional developments of the child, which are crucial to the education of the child, and their success in school. Currently, society demand high levels of education and social standards, which necessitate the need for a decent education. The achiev... read more

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I was an Elephant Saleman

I Was an Elephant Salesman is prominent for individualizing thousands of African vendors in Europe. Pap Khouma, the author of the book unveils the life of illegal immigrants with intimacy and even irony. The first-person narrator has a job of a trader of ivories, carved elephants and other things with African flavour. He constantly strives to gain dignity and self-confidence overcoming humi... read more

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What is Public Policy an how it is relevant to my daily life

Public policy has recently become a widely discussed issue. You hear about new policies on TV, read in newspapers, hear people discussing them in transport, and even discuss it with your relatives during family dinner. Why is it so important and what is public policy? Public policy can be generally defined as a “system of laws, regulatory measures, c... read more

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Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol on Human Development


Alcoholism has always been a serious worldwide problem that affects not only the individuals, but families and communities among the nations. People who face problem of alcoholism have various issues such as: health and psychological problems, limited relationships, problems with law and finances. Unfortunately, as usual... read more

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Impact of Social Media global communication on deep reflection and serious thinking

The new context of social media and globalization has brought serious problems into the world, redefining and redirecting the mission of almost every educational institution. This implies that the society has a tremendous opportunity to participate in helping to mould the future, not only within their institutions, but of the entire world, and, this... read more

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Toxic leadership

Less than a decade ago Secretary of the Army Thomas E. White claimed the issue of toxic leaders to be an urgent one; according to him, it was urgent to be addressed because of its “destructive leadership styles.”

After the claim the problems was researched by the U.S. Army War College and some independent specialists who recognized the importance of identification of feature... read more

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Integrative Analysis paper


Leadership is a means of bringing out the best elements and characteristics in people through inspiring and motivating them to set out their talents, skills and energies to deliver the vision of the organization and is not an end by itself. Leadership directly affects the actions and HYPERLINK " read more

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Why banning the use of cell phones while driving should be mandatory nationwide?

Recently the process of globalization has become a worldwide tendency. It has caused numerous changes in lifestyles of people and caused a necessity to do everything quicker. This is why some people tend to do several things at the same time, for example driving and speaking on their cell phones, or driving and writing messages or using other electron... read more

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