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Describe one specific event which formed your first impression of Stony Brook

And Stony Brook is constantly growing. Its community is always being developing starting from the students who are then growing to the scholars, the health professionals, the entrepreneurs and all the valued members who make up the vibrant Stony Brook community. This establishment is not only a great local and national university; it is one that is ma... read more

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1200 words

Violence Against Women

It stands to reason that in our modern and mobile world all humans have rights for freedom to express their thoughts, ideas, success in career development and act according to moral laws irrespective of their skin color, religious beliefs and nationality. However, in some Muslim countries modern men still regard women to be solely symbols of maternity... read more

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900 words

Intimate Partner Abuse

Basically, intimate partner abuse is considered to be one of the most prevalent forms of violence against women. Basically, it can be manifested in many different forms like relationships abuse and psychological, physical or sexual abuse. The survey conducted by US Department of Justice illustrates the shocking results, where two million American wome... read more

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1500 words

Concert Report: Zeb & Haniya

The 9/11 attack in the United States destroyed the relationship between the Americans and the Pakistani. The Pakistani struggled to rebuild their relationship through radical events in New York and Washington DC; however, their struggle was in vain. Americans continued to be afraid of the Pakistani; consequently, Pakistani live performances were not o... read more

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900 words

Sustainable Tourism

Tourism industry is growing from year to year. According to World Tourism Organization statistics (2012), despite the global economic downturn the international tourist arrivals grew by 4.6 percent in 2011 comparing with 2010. Though the growth is not evenly distributed across all regions, the overall trend shows that in the long terms perspective the... read more

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2100 words

Descriptive essay: Varadero Cuba

The object of study for this paper is a picture of an unknown author that depicts one of the beaches of Varadero, a resort town in Cuba. The first things catches the eye on this picture are inscriptions that say “Varadero Cuba” in big letters and “Year Round Paradise” in smaller letters. These inscriptions allow assuming that this picture was made for... read more

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600 words

Alexandria Digital Library Review

What is the user community(-ies)?

Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) provides access to its collection of gazetteer, databases, maps, documents and photographs via its specialized technology. The users of the digital library are students, researchers, faculty members and other people for general public who are interested in science... read more

3 pages

900 words

Social Issues: Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a form of oral, written, substantial or gesture electronic assault that involves threatening, ridiculing and mocking of persons through e-mails, websites, instant messages, chat rooms, video chats or text messages. They are all illegal attacks that are related to criminal actions and behaviors. The act of bullying comes in when an i... read more

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