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Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation


Geographic characteristics: products are used both in the city and in the countryside; the population varies from 5 thousand to 4 million and more people depending on administrative division. The climate also has no sense, can be both continental and subtropical.

The demographic ... read more

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International Marketing Communications

The essence of contemporary international marketing consists in the urgent need to make decisions and develop strategies aimed at satisfying various economic interests according to global, local and, a priori, a company’s objectives. In order to avoid potential losses and succeed in performing international business operations, professionals involved... read more

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Marketing in the Future

Marketing culture changes day by day with the Internet penetration into the everyday life flow. Five- six years ago it was almost impossible to buy clothes, shoes or food in online regime even in the highly developed countries. Today this online culture of marketing distribution is rather successfully implemented even in Australia, where it was implemented with rather big time delay. Such bi... read more

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Marketing Discussions: Distribution Channels

Discussion #1

The modern market in any area is overwhelmed with offerings. In other words, a customer can choose from a number of propositions and channels of distribution (, 2000). Today, we can purchase goods in so many ways that sometimes we are confused by this variety of choices. The following channels are available for the distribution of nearly any... read more

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Truvia Marketing Plan for the Australian Consumer Market


In the following research the marketing plan of Truvia, calorie-free sweetener, will be introduced. The following plan will include the description of the brand, its strong and weak points. Also the general overview of the market where Truvia will be introduced will be made. Speaking further about the aspects of the marketing plan, it will include the SWOT analysis ... read more

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Perceptual map of a product

Draw a Perceptual Map

The perceptual map of a product illustrates its place in the minds of buyers based on two criteria: price and quality. Our task is to draw a perceptual map of the Red Bull brand and define a category it belongs too. Figure 1 illustrated the map.



LowPrice High

Figure 1. The percept... read more

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Promotion & Price: two product/market combinations

Promotion strategies

This section of the paper examines potential promotional strategies for two product/market combinations. The first combination is fitness/exercise products (home training equipment) and African-American females aged 18-30 as target market. The second combination is non-lethal personal security products and handgun owners as target market.

The... read more

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Marketing Strategies - segment of healthy snacks

The company’s competitors can be divided into two categories: dry dip mixes producers (Heritage Line Herbs, Best Darn Foods, Uncle Dan’s, and Blanco Valley Farms) and ready-to-use dips and dressings producers (Spice West, Jimmy’s Salad Dressings, Marzetti, and Frito-Lay). The main competitive strength of the company is that it uses high-quality natural ingredients. Its weakness is that it is... read more

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Thorr Motorcycles Simulation

As we know, the simulation discloses a motorcycle known under the name - Cruiser Thorr and the marketing strategy is addressed in a variety of ways talking about the story of Thorr’s Hammer. The marketing strategy delivers an appearance of a high life style and practices the Viking folklore to express the image. Along with the expenditure of the niche, promotion strategy helps the company to... read more

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Chocolate Consumers Feel Guilty For the Wrong Reasons

Corporate social responsibility and green marketing practices became mainstream in the recent decades (The Economist, 2008). While some scholars as well as practitioners are ready to call it the new marketing revolution and a transition towards the new paradigm of corporate responsibility which assumes that the primary responsibility is not only to deliver profits to its owners and managers ... read more

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