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Design a Marketing Research


According to Graeff, ‘it is useful to think of marketing research as a process, or as a series of activities that should be performed’. Moreover, ‘marketing researchers should make decisions sat each of the stages of research process’.(Graeff T.,2006,39-40) To make marketing research process smooth, careful planning is needed.

The following plan is desi... read more

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R.Ignacio “The Behavioural Effects of Negative Product Placements in Movies” article analysis

Article Analysis

In his article “The Behavioural Effects of Negative Product Placements in Movies” Ignacio, R. is intended to prove us that brand placements do influence the consumer behavior. Howver, the effectiveness of brand depictions vary in accordance with the degree of its negativity. The central argument of the article is that consumers can experience confusion about bra... read more

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Restrictions for Marketing Activities in Islamic countries

Organizing marketing and promotional activities in Islamic countries has always been challenging for Western marketing managers as the specifics of Islamic culture does exclude a big part of the usual tool kit of any Western marketing campaign. On the other hand, Western brands remain popular in the Islamic community, thus creating a certain market demand which can not be neglected and ignor... read more

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