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Short Paper: Object-Oriented Programming

Object-Oriented Programming

The main advantage of procedural programming is its simplicity. Having a linear structure it executes instructions exactly in the order in which they appear in the program code. However, such approach works well only in the small programs. For larger projects procedural code may become messy and problems... read more

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Microsoft Windows

A file system is best defined as a set of logical constructs that determine how disk volume space is utilized by an operating system. There are generally three file system choices that are available when installing Microsoft Windows: FAT, FAT32 and NTFS. However, as Windows NT and its successors came into operation, NTFS became a standard file system that was used in such operating systems. ... read more

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Network Design Consultation

A network is a set of hardware devices connected with each other in order to provide its users with desired functionality (, n.d.). Design of a network depends on the number of computers in it and could be rather different. Network topology differs as well and depends on the level of reliability that it must have. Ring, star, bus, and other topologies are used in differe... read more

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Potential benefits and safety enhancements of wireless networks

Currently, there are multiple types of access controls that are implemented to restrict access to computer systems and prevent potential malicious attacks. This paper discusses potential benefits and safety enhancements that are offered by WPA2 Personal/Enterprise wireless encryption protocols. Wireless networks currently employ various types of encryption algorithms with different degrees o... read more

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System Analysis and Design of Hoosier Burger restaurant


The paper is devoted to system analysis and design of a particular case of Hoosier Burger restaurant, a fictional fast-food establishment, the owners of which would like to introduce some radical changes to their business management. It outlines the most pressing problems faced by consultants and their possible solutions. The paper consists of an Introduction, Conclusio... read more

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The most frequently used definition of the botnet is a robot network, also known as “zombie army”. In fact botnet is a huge amount of personal computers all over the globe, often compromised by an attacker, combined in a virtual network and eventually used for spam generation, establishing relay viruses, or flooding network or particular web server with the enormous amount of excessive reque... read more

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Password management

Passwords are everywhere these days. Personal identification numbers (PINs) are necessary to identify a person as the authorized cardholder and gain access to the financial data. The combination of digits and letters allow us to log into numerous websites where our personal or corporate emails, messages, and other communication is stored. In other words, everything valuable in the world is p... read more

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Internet Security Problems

One of the problems in internet security is the secureness of connection. It can be addressed to the technical area. The authentication process then becomes the opportunity to intercept traffic and get necessary information. Technical imperfection of authorization solutions facilitates the process of acquiring the authorization data for the third parties (Arief & Besnard, 2005).

<... read more

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Security and the Privacy of the Internet

We can distinguish two general groups of hackers that act differently, according to their vision of goals they want to achieve. There are so-called “white hats” and “black hats”. The first group can be called “noble” hackers since their activities are mostly aimed at finding vulnerabilities in different network security systems. They notify stakeholders regarding such problems or simply do i... read more

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Privacy or Security Complaint to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR)

HIPAA act underwent major changes that have since then improved healthy information security. Some of the changes that have taken place include changing a rule that did not mandate use of a particular technical system to a HITECHI Act that makes it a degree (HIPAA). The law also requires a notification to be sent to all individuals of any unsecured health information. This is made within ... read more

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