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5 Themes of Geography

Theme 1

Relative location is location of some geographical object in relation to another geographical object or place. For example, Wisconsin is south of Canada.

Absolute location is a point at the surface of the Earth. The pint is expressed by a coordinate system (latitude, longitude). For example, Longitude of Wisconsin is 86o 49’W to 92 o 54 W. its latitude is 42... read more

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Importance of Oceanography in the 21st Century


The oceanography in the 21 century is the issue of the common interest of government, society and ecologists. Since the Medieval times ocean attracted people for exploring it’s hidden territories. The period of Geographical exploration has opened the era of globalization (international trade, spreading of aboriginal culture and Christianity), colonization (distribution ... read more

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Eliminating measles virus in Western Pacific Region

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Global Actors Project

Eliminating Measles Virus in China

In a modern process of all-encompassing globalization and international integration one cannot imagine our world any more without global actors representing complex organizations and institutions of differen... read more

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What's your Watershed?

Milwaukee Watershed

A watershed refers to a land area that catches snow and rain and seeps into a lake, river or stream (Potter and Frevent, 489). The size of an area determines watershed form. The classifications of watershed include micro watershed, which covers up to 10 ha and mini watershed covering 200 ha. Others include sub... read more

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