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Group Focus

Parental involvement in school activities has positive effect on children. One of the activities which can be performed is special discussion sessions engaging parents and students and aimin... read more

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Family Engagement in Kindergarten


The paper is picks upon the finer aspects of how family-community-school collaborations impact kindergarten schools and the consequent productivity generated in the educational environment. The paper skims the findings stated in the said article including that of a case study which lead to the formation of the Ready Freddy Program. Briefly summarizing and thereby inspir... read more

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Using a Storybook to Involve Families

Summary of the text: I have chosen the book “Sam and Gram and the First Day of School”, as it helps realize that the first day at school is really very important to children, because they change the atmosphere, they change home surrounding into school surrounding and thus they get acquainted with a lot of new children. As a matter of fact, everything that is new is embarrassing and stressful... read more

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IEP Preparation

Nowadays, then educational institutions are aimed to cover all aspects of successful schooling of individuals, close attention is paid to the cultural aspect. In fact people are highly diverse in their beliefs, values and attitudes towards events that happen in their life. Thus, being a teacher today requires clear understanding of cultural diversities and obviously ensuring that educational... read more

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