Collaborating with Families Who Have Children with Disabilities

1. Teachers should be aware of many challenges, which they might face while working with families who have children with special needs. Teachers should understand that collaborating with parents of children with disabilities might require much patience and the ability to empathize with emotional problems these families have to cope with. While some pa... read more

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Running Away

The third millenium has already brought a lot of changes in our lives, but still a great amount of the problems did not vanish, so they are actual even in the present days. Nowadays our world is very complex and rapid. Sometimes even the adults can hardly cope with the problem of theirs. In most cases the world and the society are quite cruel to us, that is why sometimes we are not able to e... read more

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Using a Storybook to Involve Families

Summary of the text: I have chosen the book “Sam and Gram and the First Day of School”, as it helps realize that the first day at school is really very important to children, because they change the atmosphere, they change home surrounding into school surrounding and thus they get acquainted with a lot of new children. As a matter of fact, everything that is new is embarrassing and stressful... read more

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Good Job Article

In his article, Alfie Kohn asserts that praising children and approving their actions in the habitual way is not as effective as some parents used to think. The author does not try to tell that parents should not praise their children, he tries to convince that there are some more effective ways to support and encourage them than just to say “Good job... read more

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Influence of Families on Children's School Success

Families play immense roles in education and academic achievement of their children. They also play an immense role in the cognitive, social and emotional developments of the child, which are crucial to the education of the child, and their success in school. Currently, society demand high levels of education and social standards, which necessitate the need for a decent education. The achiev... read more

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Childhood Obesity


Childhood obesity is a problem of national importance and it requires urgent solutions because if it is disregarded, it will obviously lead to dreadful consequences both fro separate individuals and for the society as a whole. The problem of overweight was caused by several reasons such as consumption of unhealthy food an... read more

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