Community Policing

The word "police" is currently used to identify that institution of social control which, for the community, attempts to prevent crime and disorder and preserve the peace, and for the individual, attempts to protect life, property, and personal liberty. Prior to the 19th Century, protection was afforded through "folk police" as exemplified by the old "hue and cry," "watch and ward." Full-tim... read more

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Police services

The police services are considered to be the “gate-keepers” of the criminal justice system of every country and nowadays few people are engaged in the system because of range of reasons. One of them is that police officers often have to perform “dirty work” such as dealing with threatening people, homeless, those who are mentally ill or abusive.

Communication with them cannot bu... read more

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Strategic Plan

Event management is a relatively new discipline, yet it has been developing at a very fast rate. The demand for organization of events within the cultural, tourist, sports, etc. sectors is growing. The group managing such events has to be competent and resourceful, as these projects have complex nature. There are many issues that can challenge project... read more

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Relationship between police and the news media


This paper analyses police and mass media interrelation while executing the police functions, during law enforcement and in situations of emergency from one side, and in covering the police stories and making them available to the public from the other side.

These issues became very urgent during growing t... read more

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