Diesel particluate filters

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During the combustion of diesel fuel, substances of different types and form are produced. The work of a cold engine is usually accompanied by emissions of white or blue smoke formed droplets of unburned or partially oxidized hydrocarbons, and the emissions of aldehydes whose presence in the exhaust gas is eas... read more

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Professional Business Writing

Nowadays television and other mass media are constantly bombarding us with news on floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters. Indeed, climate has been experiencing severe changes during the last 50 years. It is caused by a constantly increasing speed of economic development and technical progress which are followed by an increasing amo... read more

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The Economy and the Environment Affect the Production of Hybrid Cars


Environmental damage and increasing of oil prices forced to look for new ways to solve these problems. Hybrid cars are an important step in the development of a new generation of vehicles. People's interest in hybrid cars is growing rapidly every day. In response to the increasing demand of hybrid cars, automobile compani... read more

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Global Warming

Have you ever thought what the world will be like in the next 20, 30, 40 or 50 years? A great number of discoveries and breakthroughs have been made in the last fifty years. The pace of development accelerates with every year and even more innovation can be expected in the next fifty. It goes without saying that the population of the Earth will incre... read more

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