Japanese College Students and Drinking

Nowadays alcohol drinking among teenagers is one of the most burning problems of contemporary society. It is becoming more disturbing when a young person began to drink since the high school or even earlier. This is the burning issue and international problem that touches countries all over the world. Japan is not exclusion. Moreover, the question is an edge regarding to the drinking among c... read more

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The Importance of Alcohol Laws

The problem of alcoholism has become very popular in the majority of countries all over the world. People of a different social status, of a different age category, and of a different nationality start using alcohol on different purposes. In order to decrease the percentage of people who use alcohol and thus avoid the problems, which are closely connected with alcoholism, a number of alcohol... read more

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Substances Use

1. There is a big difference in definitions of substance use, misuse abuse and dependence. There are lots of people who sometimes, occasionally or quite often use substances (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc). However, it is not that bad and for example it is taken normally in society for example to drink alcohol occasionally or to smoke. When we talk abo... read more

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