Global Marketing

(a) Introduction

WorldTextile is a young company which manufactures clothing and supplies it to various countries of the world. The company targets males and females, children and adults to provide more people with textile of the best quality. Addressing such wide target group, the company has more opportunities to become a world-known brand and provide people with clothes which... read more

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The Economic Recovery Going Forward

Nowadays, there are a lot of developed and developing countries in the world. A country is considered to be well-developed if it has a developed economy, which mainly determined by a high rate of GDP per capita. However, reaching once a high level of GDP does not presuppose that this country is indeed developed. This level should be more or less consistent over time, which refers to economic... read more

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U.S economy


The paper answers the questions concerning the U.S economy. Decrease in taxes will definitely help the U.S., as it will produce a stimulating effect on the economy. The country experiences recession and tax policy can help in this situation. Increase in government spending is also important, as it results in aggregate dema... read more

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