An Eye For An Eye

For as long as civilization has existed there has been a question of crime and punishment, which should discourage people committing crime. The history has seen some extreme measures, for instance cutting off hands for thieves, and vice versa it has seen some lenient measures being taken, like a few hours of social works nowadays. Despite having all ... read more

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Philosophy of Religion Paper

Philosophy of Christianity

I am deeply convinced that Christianity is the true religion that should be practised by every thinking person. There are several arguments supporting my point of view. First of all, the Bible censures the shedding of innocent blood, which means that the Christian attitude towards abortion and killing inn... read more

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Living without Society

There is a phrase that the human being cannot exist without society. In order to provide sufficient answer, it is needed to provide definition for such concepts as society and human. Thus, human is a biosocial being that possesses cognition, speech, ability to create things and use them in the process of social work, which leads to development of high moral and intellectual qualities. This d... read more

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Rousseau Analysis


Rousseau suggests that Sovereignty is an expression of a will of all the people but not of the one person or a group of people, so it cannot be alienated under any condition. At the same time he admits that the power to exert this people’s will may be passed on, but never the will itself.


... read more

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Essay on Study Abroad

People say that knowledge is power. In my opinion, it is indeed true. People tend to learn new things, to study new information, to learn about new technologies, and so on. It is an essential part of life, and I am also sure that one does not get old until they study and learn new information day by day. People go abroad for that, because it contribu... read more

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Confucius Analysis

Thesis: Confucius argues that a good ruler must maintain order and uniformity among his people by means of virtue. The power of laws is not enough to unite people on the grounds of their common social solidarity. Reasons: The power of law is primarily associated with a danger of being punished for failing to follow the laws. In this case, people are led by fear of being punished. However, t... read more

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Confucius Bk 15 Chapter 5


In order for one to be appreciated they must be sincere and truthful in their speech. In addition to this they must also be careful and honorable in their actions.


Truthful and sincere people are honored and appreciated

it is inevitable for one to exhibit such qualities in ... read more

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I agree

Do you Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement? Television Has Destroyed Communication Among Friends and Family

We all know that television is considered to be one of the greatest inventions of humanity. It allowed fostering the development of globalization as it started to broadcast certain events of one part of the world a... read more

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Twelve Step Meeting

Being a nurse student of the psychology class, I was required to attend a twelve step open meeting. For this purpose I chose Anonymous Alcoholic meeting. This simple experience really opened my eyes to many important issues as a future nurse and as a person.

The twelve steps program developed by the Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) is t... read more

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