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Week 2. (11/02/12) Contemplation and action during a reign of terror. Etty Hillesum, An Interrupted Life. Integrating contemplation and social action. Topical reviews.

Holocaust was a massive genocide, which was a catastrophe for many European Jews. Nazi occupation of Poland enabled them to create various camps, where German people were ordered by Hitler to send Jews. There are... read more

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Kahnesatake: 270 Years of Resistance

The truth is not always as it seems at first sight. Such state as Canada seems to be a democratic country that worries about its citizens. But, suddenly, it can behave like an oppressor, if its interests are concerned. This is displayed in a documentary film by Alanis Obomswaim “Kahnesatake: 270 Years of Resistance” that shows true scenes from the standoff between indigenous people, the mili... read more

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Black Friday: "What's The Hype"

Black Friday: “What’s the Hype?”

Thesis Statement: Though many economists and journalists see both pros and cons in the day of mass discounts, Black Friday benefits both the seller and the buyer.

I. Introduction

1. Consumer society

2. History of the name ‘Black Friday’

II. Profits of the Black Friday

1. Benefits ... read more

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People Will Try Almost Anything to Lose Weight

Nowadays millions of people all over the world, especially women, are highly concerned about their weight. For some the issues of normal weight is related to the problem of good looking, while many people try to lose as much kilos as possible in order to prevent obesity and stay healthy. At the same time for some individuals losing weight is the issue... read more

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Saving money while saving the environment

Saving Money While Saving the Environment Nowadays, the problem of the environmental pollution has become very important all over the world. The problem is that the majority of people lives in rural areas and produces too many pollutants in the air, which contributes to the worsening of the environmental situation. An interesting question arises: What measures should be taken in order to pro... read more

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Multiculturalism and Globalization

Multiculturalism is a relatively recent phenomenon: it appeared in the 1970s in Canada and the United States. Multiculturalism serves both as real social movement, and as a particular flow of thoughts and ideology. In the world such countries make up absolute majority: less than 10% of the countries can be considered as culturally homogeneous. ... read more

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Definition essay


People say that beauty is able to save the world. Thinking about beauty, most of us imagine nice looking people, who are happy and smiling. But, beauty is not limited by the way a person looks or feels because it involves much greater and much more important aspects of individuality of a person. Explaining the term “beauty” ... read more

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Entry Level

The American continent has attracted human attention since the time of its discovering. Even at that time, people came to The New World in the pursuit of better living. From the very beginning, this country was a refuge for foreign people, who wanted to achieve better way of life. People from all parts of the world flocked to this country in search of... read more

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Race and Racism as Compared to the Present

Equality of rights of various people groups has always been an issue of concern. We can face discrimination in a lot of different spheres: social status, gender, sexual orientation, and of course races. It seems that there has never been even a single day spent in the world when at least one of those groups would not be discriminated to a slight degre... read more

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Persuasion Paper

When we hear the word “persuasion”, we have quite a number of associations. The first idea that comes to our mind is trying to change somebody’s outlook for the sake of improving certain negative sides. Take for instance a huge campaign conducted at the universities in order to make students quit smoking. Actually, people are not forbidden to do this ... read more

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