Hume’s division

Hume’s division of all the objects of human reason into relations of ideas and matters of fact is central to his philosophy. According to the scientist, all knowledge rests upon personal experience which begins with various impressions we have of the world around us. All knowledge is divided by him into matters of fact and relations of ideas. Every object of reason which does not belong to e... read more

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Summary “Of the Association of Ideas” by John Locke

The 33rd Chapter of John Locke’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding deals with the human mechanism to generate ideas, to connect them and develop knowledge. The mechanism of ideas association is argued to have unreasonable and can be even labelled as madness. However, Locke builds his argument in a mastery way, proving that complex connection of ex... read more

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Interdisciplinary Study

One of the textbook phrases about writing a research paper belongs to Paul Griffiths (1998) who admitted that, “There is no hope of doing a perfect research” (p. 97). Though this statement may sound controversy, one cannot deny the fact that writing a quality paper is a challenge. Usually, a student who is asked to write an essay or a research paper i... read more

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