All Men Are Created Equal, Are They Not?

Racism denotes a set of prejudices, based on the belief that people of one certain race are smarter, stronger, more talented, simply better. Racism has been there for a long time and it still remains an important issue even nowadays. The very base of racism is xenophobia – the fear of people who are in any way different than us, and the saddest thing is that it is mostly children who are aff... read more

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Race and Racism as Compared to the Present

Equality of rights of various people groups has always been an issue of concern. We can face discrimination in a lot of different spheres: social status, gender, sexual orientation, and of course races. It seems that there has never been even a single day spent in the world when at least one of those groups would not be discriminated to a slight degre... read more

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Racism place in a modern society.

What are the bases of racism?

History of racism as a human issue.

Does racism have any proofs for discrimination?

Intention, Content, Conviction, Universality, Creativity, Obscurity, Irrationality and Mel Gibson – eight principles to determine a Racist.

In a modern society, which is called civ... read more

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