Which approach in a creative economy is the most sustainable and appropriate for the U.A.E?


The United Arab Emirates is the most powerful country at the Middle East. Together with some other countries, it exports 65 % of world needs for oil and gas gaily, therefore, political stability of the country is vitally important for the whole Middle East; it is also the issue of concern for many other countries like the United States of America, China, Russia, and... read more

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The Nationalization of YPF

The history of YPF can be traced back to 1922 when it started as a state corporation. It became the first state corporation in the world to deal with oil. The company was later privatized in 1993, following the passing of the State Reform Law in 1989. After privatization, majority of its ownership was acquired by Repsol, which was Madrid based. Repsol’s ownership at the time of nationalizati... read more

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Mining Research - Oil economics

Economic reasons for mining oil

Oil is an economic product in the world. When traded, oil is a good source of money, which has enabled many nations to be developed. Oil is a product used to make many products for trading and other activies. For instance, oil is a by product for making oil substances as cooking oil, driving fuel, me... read more

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Izmir, Turkey/ Discussion of oil

While traveling to Anatolia I was very surprised by the weather change, we have experienced. The climate there is much colder and wetter, unlike what we have here in Izmir. Such climate change is caused by the geographical position of the two regions (Linacre).

The water of the Aegean Sea at the Izmir under the influence of the S... read more

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