Major Trade Theories

Absolute advantage

A country, individual, or firm has an absolute advantage in producing a good if production of the good absorbs fewer resources (or less time, in the case of an individual) than are required in other countries or by other individuals or firms. (Ralph Byrns)

This is one of the most important basic conc... read more

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Absolute Advantage Theory


The paper seeks to highlight on the relevance of the absolute advantage theory on the global market as compared to other theories of international trade. It also describes how the theory is applied using Japan and the United States of America as typical examples of countries that have gained from absolute advantage in rel... read more

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Kenyan International TradeNameInstitution of AffiliationKenyan International TradeInternational trade among countries involves exporting and importing of goods and services among countries to try and create a balance of payment. Countries dealing with unique goods have absolute advantage compared to their trading partners in dealing with some of the trade goods in the world market (Internati... read more

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