Organization behavior and HR manegment

Why do the elements of structure, such as work specialization, formalization, span of control, chain of command, and centralization, have a tendency to change together? Which of the five do you feel is the most important?

All of these five elements of organizational structure should be taken into account before making any organizat... read more

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Organisational Design & Organisational Behaviour

Although there are usually no strict patterns in the governing structure of most of the businesses, all of them nonetheless share some degree of organizational design (May 2005). In doing so, to achieve different goals, complete various tasks, and meet specific requirements companies often rely on their staff as the most valuable commodity at their d... read more

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Strategy Implementation

Executive summary

The purpose of this work consists in evaluation of the impact of four primary organizational components on effective realization of Southwest Airlines’ mission and strategy. Organizational design supports the mission and strategy by enhancing the decision-making process and helping create a special atmosphere that motivates workers to perform better. Contro... read more

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